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LandTech / ShoreTech

LandTech   ShoreTech   ArborTech

Aesthetics    Function    Stewardship

Your Safety and

Protection Matters

Our Design/Build capabilities allow us to provide a wide range of environmental landscape and waterfront solutions.



1. Initiation 

  • Signed Contract 
  • Agent Authorization
  • Permit Fees + 10% Deposit

2. Identify Your Property Type 

  • Critical Dunes: Boundary Survey & Topographical Survey
  • Non-Critical Dunes: Boundary Survey Only
(Typically 2 Weeks)

3. Drawings/Plans for Project

  • Engineered/Sealed Plans are Required for Critical Dune Areas (CDA)
  • They are not always required for Non-Critical Dunes
  • Where projects are complex & require engineering review, we do use Engineered/Sealed Plans
(Typically 2 Weeks)

4. Submit Permit Applications

(Including ALL Drawings, Surveys & Permit Fees)

  • County, SESC Part 91 (1-2 Weeks)
  • State, EGLE Part 325, 353 and Special Exemption for Critical Dunes (2-8 Months)
  • Federal, USACE- Joint Permit Application-Same as EGLE (2-8 Months) 
* If Needed *
  • Health Department- If Septic System is Affected (2-3 Weeks)
  • Building Dept/Zoning by Some Municipalities (2-3 Months)

5. If Applicable:

  • Install Temporary Wave Break (TWB) on shorelines ahead of EGLE Permit Issuance
(Required notification to EGLE district office if home/structure is in jeopardy)

6. Permits Issued

  • Construction will begin based on contract signing order
(Note: Permit Applications Review, and Permit Processes are typically sequential in submission, but many times are overlapping in the review and approval process)