Who We Are

Based out of Holland, LandTechwmi, LLC specializes in geo-technical site work and environmental landscape projects, design, construction, and forestry management. We handle all the Environmental and Great Lakes Energy (EGLE), U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE), Conservation District Vegetation Assurance Plans, Soil Erosion Sedimentation Control (SESC), and local building permit and health department Septic System Permit Applications with our own in-house permit department, preferred civil engineering and land surveying partners.

Our objective includes a focus on aesthetics, function and stewardship through design principals that enhance nature's magnificent beauty that God has created, a practical design function that solves problems long term, while striving for stewardship of our environment and natural resources. Equally important, is our high level of customer service and quality of workmanship.

We proudly serve all of West Michigan Shoreline, from Stevensville up to Ludington. This includes inland lakes and rivers within U.S. Route 131, and the Gunn Lake area.

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Mission Statement

Aesthetics Function Stewardship

Beauty and enjoyment of landscapes that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing are vital to the quality of life. Beautiful things can be both visually appealing and functional.

Function reflects design. Whereas function is the activity or purpose natural for resolving a need, preservation cannot thrive without stewardship.

Beauty and function can maintain respect for the environment, by either enhancing, protecting or promoting the natural environment and our resources.