Erosion Control
Erosion has many causes usually stemming from unprotected soils that are relocated by wind, water, ice and disturbances caused by humans, animals and vehicles.

Erosion control methods are probably the most ignored and poorly installed/maintained aspects of proper site maintenance. There are temporary and permanent measures.

Temporary measures include silt fence, temporary seeding with annual grasses or mulching.

Permanent measures include stone, rock, boulders, rip rap or geo textile, permanent vegetation such as perennial grasses, ground cover, flowers, shrubs, trees and dune grass. High tech permanent erosion control measures can include infilled cellular conjenent system (Geo-Web), turf block, embedded poly mats, paving, etc. Erosion control blankets are made of straw, straw/coconut fiber, coconut fiber, plastics, and the combination.

LandTech will recommend native and native cultivars plant species on all projects. Native plants are available in seed, plugs, containers, and large species by mechanical transplant or ball burlapped.

Well designed erosion control plans will typically include several hard /soft armor and almost always a variety of plant species.