Shoreline Protection
Shoreline protection does not need to be purely functional by providing erosion control, but can also be aesthetically pleasing and equally important, demonstrate stewardship in the form of creating habitat for diverse plant and animal life.

There are two basic types of shoreline protection. Hard armor consisting of stone, rock, boulders, rip rap, etc and always placed in a heavy weight geo textile. The other is soft armor which consist of engineered erosion control blankets, material blankets and vegetation. The thickness, durability, and longevity of soft armor is designed upon calculated flow and existing . Natural plant species planting is based upon the exposure of area, pre-emergent, upland, surveying, and existing and diversification plant study, etc.

Landtech can restore and protect the shoreline of rivers, streams, ponds, inland lakes and even Lake Michigan shorelines with approval of the appropriate regulatory agencies.

In-stream structures, such as cross vane or vane weave are very effective in shoreline protection. Landtech designs shoreline protection to be within the guidelines of acceptable engineering practices that factor in the worst case scenarios based on historical precipitation/water shed data. At the same time, we desire the improvements to be aesthetically pleasing. Creating viable habitates for plants and animals are equally important.